6 Ways To Improve Your BD & Marketing During Summer

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

While everyone around you is getting tanned, why not spend some hours on finetuning your marketing? To save you the trouble of having to come up with these activities yourself, I’m sharing my own schedule with you. Prepare to be inspired.

Ok, so actually these are more like some practical tips and ideas but they’re worth the investment. And let’s be honest, summertime means slow business and this is a good chance to catch up on stuff that’s probably being ignored.


1. Sharing some personalized & summery giveaways

A beach ball, a summer towel, sunscreen, sun glasses, an inflatable unicorn (love it!). You don’t have to spend a fortune on this sort of item and ship them by the box; that would be horrible. Instead, make it a personal gesture by sending it to people you already know and like and including a personal note.

Who wouldn’t smile when they receive something fun and totally right for the time of year with a note that says:

Hi Bob,
Hope you and the family are looking forward to a fun and well-deserved holiday. I’m sure this will help do the trick ;) *include gift in envelope*.
All the best,

2. Take a day to write an article

The most commonly heard argument for the lack of content that companies bring up is the lack of time. I refuse to believe this holds up during summer. In the Netherlands, we even have a name for it: komkommertijd. This translates very badly into English (cucumber time) but it’s our way of acknowledging, as a people, that it’s generally not so busy.

To make sure you complete this task, block an entire office day for writing it. Lock yourself in a room and don’t come out until it’s finished. A full day should be plenty of time to identify a good topic, do the research, identify interesting points, and turn it into a blog that’s useful to your readers. Start by reading this blog on writing a blog!

3. Assess and adapt your target audience

Much like cleaning your house every now and then, your customer lists need some cleaning up too. And, while you’ve been busy trying to reach your current targets, you can bet on it that new customers have appeared that you don’t know about yet and surely there have been job switches in your network that might be of interest to you and your company.

Try some of these actions:

  • Clean up all of those Excel target lists

  • Edit account info in the CRM system you might be using

  • Do some market research (google is your friend) to find new prospects

  • Browse LinkedIn for new opportunities and changes in your network

4. Meet up with people

It really doesn’t matter if you’re meeting up with people to discuss possible cooperation, share ideas on a topic, get inspired, or you both enjoy coffee to the max. Point of the matter is that you are keeping your network alive and you’re out there looking for an opportunity. Keep in mind that summertime for you also means summertime for almost everyone else!

Set a target for yourself to actually send out a set number of LinkedIn messages, emails, texts, and phone calls to ask for meets. And, as for the meetings themselves, let’s say you aim for 1 each day! That means one extra if you are already very active in meeting with people. That would mean you could have met up with over 40 people in two months. Do it.

5. Set up or improve your pages


You change, your company changes, and so should your website. Take some time to reflect critically on the content and if it still represents your business. Have a look into the analytics of your website as well.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What it is you do and is it clearly stated?

  • Are our services displayed logically?

  • Do the people that are on it still work there? (didn’t I fire that guy months ago?)

  • What pages are visited most recently and do they convert into leads?

LinkedIn Company page

For some reason, this page never really gets the attention it deserves. Personally, I get the feeling that most companies just create the page at some point and go like: "Well , didn't we do a great job on that one." And never look at it again. Just go through it, edit where needed, maybe add some new visuals.

Affiliate pages

Over time you probably get listed on many pages because you participate at events, are a member at certain associations, you speak somewhere or whatever. Try googling your own company and see all the places you pop-up. Review anything you come across and if the information is out of date just send a short email asking them to update the information.

6. Reflect on your conference calendar and update it


Most commonly companies attend conferences (either as delegates or exhibitors) and they never look back. When the time comes a couple of months later no one can really recite what the ROI was. Now, I'm not saying that the only benefit of conferences are the hard leads. Because being seen and getting your name out there is obviously important. But, if you have the budget for 1 conference it's nice to have some insight into how many people you spoke to, if you got any leads, and anything else that you feel is noteworthy.


Make sure to update your conference calendar regularly so you don't miss important events (big and small). Usually, people start of the year with awesome plans and schedules for Q1 and Q2. The second half of the year, however, is often a bit too far away to make concrete plans for. So, during this summer, start by:

  • having a look at familiar conferences

  • decide if they are worth the effort

  • see if there are any events you might add to the mix

  • set some first emails to conference organizers (think of early bird discounts)

Consolidate everything in your personalized conference calendar! Don't have one? Download template here.