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Content Creation


How to create meaningful content for your website and LinkedIn page? Thanks to our life sciences backgrounds, we can help you display your expertise in your relevant product and service areas. Additionally, all content is optimized to increase visitor traffic by answering the right questions (SEO), thereby increasing business leads.  And how about a webinar every 2 months? Start showing expertise and get in touch with your audience directly.

  • Blogs & Case Studies

  • Scientific & Business presentations

  • News & Articles

  • Webinars

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WHY JPP? We've been writing Life Sciences materials for years.

Content has been on the rise for years, and it's not going anywhere. It's the beating heart of your inbound marketing strategy, allowing you to grow an audience. However, most companies focus mostly on their promotional materials instead of sharing knowledge and delivering content that answers questions.

The main challenge is to set up a reliable process and to maintain a regular production of content. To let you focus on what you do best (your own business), consider outsourcing it.

The way we write our content:

  • Your suggested tone of voice

  • As few corporate buzzwords as possible

  • Authenticity

  • Enticing

  • Storylike

  • Ending with a proper call-to-action